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Andreas Thrasyvoulou, Ulrich Broeker, Tananaki Chrysoula, Miguel Vilas-Boas, Klaus Wallner, Thomas Amsler,

Sandra Garces, Marco Lodesani, Adrian Siceanu, Ansgar Westerhoff, Dany El-Obeid

A. Thrasyvoulou, c. Tananaki, G. Goras, E. Karazafiris, M. Dimou, V. Liolios, D. Kanelis, S. Gounari

For further information contact Andreas Thrasivoulou:


originally published in Apidologie, 1997;  updated in 2009

S. Bogdanov, C. Luellmann and P. Martin

The copyright of the following publications belongs to EDP Sciences

and the originals are available at

L. Persano Oddo and S. Bogdanov

S. Bogdanov, K. Ruoff and L. Persano Oddo

M. L. Piana, L. Persano Oddo, A. Bentabol, E. Bruneau, S. Bogdanov and C. Guyot Declerck

W. von der Ohe, L. Persano Oddo, M. L. Piana, M. Morlot and P. Martin

L. Persano Oddo and R. Piro

M. G. Piazza and L. Persano Oddo

L. Persano Oddo, M. L. Piana, S. Bogdanov, A. Bentabol, P. Gotsiou, J. Kerkvliet, P. Martin, A. O. Ortiz, K. Ruoff and K. von der Ohe

Royal Jelly Publications

Dimitrios Kanelis, Chrysoula Tananaki, Vasilis Liolios, Maria Dimou, Georgios Goras, Maria Anna Rodopoulou,

Emmanuel Karazafiris, and Andreas Thrasyvoulou

A. G. Sabatini, G. L. Marcazzan, M. F. Caboni, S. Bogdanov, L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian

provided with permission of the International Bee Research Association

Pollen Publications

Made by ShiNET Kft., Coordinated: Rőzséné dr. Büki Etelka

Find some information here

Find information on the content here

X. Iakovou, M. Christodoulidou and C. Tofaris

The edition is in pdf, free to download (see link below) and the text in Greek; however there are many photos and             plant names in latin and so, we think it may be useful to several colleagues. Please see and download here:  

Introduction text in Greek

Introduction text in English

I. Karpovich, E. Drebezgina, E. Elovikova, G. Legotkina, E. Zubova, R. Kuzyaev, R. Khismatullin

For further information please contact:

M. G. R. Campos, S. Bogdanov, L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian,T. Szczesna, Y. Mancebo, C. Frigerio, F. Ferreira

provided with permission of the International Bee Research Association

Propolis Publications

M. P. Popova, V. S. Bankova, S. Bogdanov, I. Tzvetkova, C. Naydenski, G. L. Marcazzan, A.-G. Sabatini

P. Vit, E. Enriquez, M. O. Barth, A. H. Matsuda, L. Bicudo de Almeida-Marudian

P. Vit, S. R. M. Pedro, D. Roubrik

L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian, A. H.Matsuda

and Apis mellifera

L. Almeida-Muradian, K. M. Stramm, A. Horita, O. M. Barth, A. da Silva de Freitas, L. M. Estevinho

B. Souza, D. Roubrik, O. Barth, T. Heard, E. Enriquez, C. Carvalho, J. Villas-Boas, L. Marchini, J. Locatelli,

L. Persano-Oddo, L. Almeida-Muradian, S. Bogdanov, P. Vit

P. Vit, L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian, H. Matsuda, E. E. Barth

O. M. Barth, A. da Silva de Freitas, G. L. Sousa, L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian  

L. Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian, K. M. Stamm, L. M. Estevinho

International Journal of Food Science and Technology 2013

Apis mellifera/Non Apis mellifera Publications

Residue Publications

S. G. Agarwal, C. Guinet, W:.Reybroeck, c. Garcet/P. Beaune, L. Elflein, V. Gaudin, A. Radom, c. Serra, G. Beckh,             A. Tohill, A. Gallina, F. Popp, A. Beck Henzelin, C. Thomas, P. D. Piorno   

Authenticity Publications